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Randall Munson,

Creativity should be a natural part of everything you do. This extraordinary gook gives you fresh new ideas - and some timeless wisdom - on how to be more creative in practical ways, and have fun doing it. Ten different experts bring you a smorgasbord of ideas to pump up your organizational and personal creativity.

You'll learn how to:

  • make the most of the intellectual capital in your organization
  • use humor to loosen up and be more creative
  • apply creativity to enhance the sales process
  • use shared mental models to promote innovation
  • run effective and fun brainstorming sessions
  • reframe ideas and problems to generate new solutions
  • understand your own thinking preferences
  • use visual imagery to enhance creativity
  • apply creative problem-solving techniques to come up with innovative solutions


(Package of 10) Reprints of the chapter: Humor as a Creativity Tool - Laugh Your Way to Creativity by Randall Munson



What others are saying about this book:

" Break-Out Creativity is fun to read, practical, and results-oriented as well. Open the book to any page and you'll discover something that will help you become more creative and innovative today." 

Michael Michalko
Thinkertoys and Think-Pack (A Brainstorming Card Set)

" Imagine this! Under one cover you can read about hairballs, mindsets, and intellectual capital. Break-Out Creativity is as eclectic and zany as today's workplace. Enjoy it. Share it. Apply it!" 

Louis Patler, PhD
If It Ain't Broke, Break It!

" Everything starts with a new idea - all new products, every solution to old problems, each new opportunity. Break-Out Creativity contains a wealth of information to help you generate new ideas, and then implement them to boost productivity, profits, and fun. " 

Joyce Wycoff
Founder and executive director, Innovation Network

" Loaded with practical advise from creativity experts that will put any organization on the path to innovation." 

Bob Nelson
1001 Ways to Reward Employees

" A wonderful set of tools to help you mine the nuggets of breakthrough ideas from the gold mine within you." 

Bryan Mattimore
99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales, and Techniques for Liberating Your Creativity

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