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April 1, 2009

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1. Featured Photo

Photograph by Randall Munson
History in the making?
St. Petersburg, Florida

Each issue of Business Magic® features a photo from my personal "Humor File" containing funny things I have collected from around the world. I recommend you create your own Humor File; put into it whatever you find that is funny to you; and, when you are stressed, open up your file and look through it. It works like magic to help reduce stress - and it's cheaper than therapy.

Try some more FUN STUFF and enjoy the laughs. 


2. Great Ideas

Crisis often stimulates creativity. When faced with situations where traditional actions are inadequate, we are free to consider ideas that we would normally reject. In the economic crisis we face today, organizations around the world are taking advantage of the crisis to try new innovative ideas. Here are a few great examples:

  • Struggling car makers Chrysler and General Motors are planning to merge form the world’s largest struggling car maker. The blended company will be called CM, Chrysler Motors. The CEO of CM states, "With one company instead of two companies, we will immediately cut our poor decisions in half." More information.

  • Southwest Airlines announced plans to drop the fee for airport takeoffs. Noting that most flights that take off also land, the Dallas-based airline will eliminate the takeoff fee while doubling the landing fee. The airline spokesperson states, "Passengers are expected to favor cutting in half number of takeoff and landing fees". On flights that takeoff but do not land, the landing fee will be refunded posthumously. Details.

  • Fear of liability litigation prompts unicycle manufacturer, Torker, to increase stability of unicycles by adding two additional wheels. After abandoning the plan to install automatic unicycle locks that are released only when the rider straps on Torker brand helmets, the company will manufacture all of their unicycles with three wheels. According to a company spokesperson, "Engineers watching home videos of children riding 'Big Wheel' tricycles realized that adding two additional wheels to our unicycles would significantly increase stability and reduce product liability." Consumers may upgrade unicycles to as many as nine wheels at additional cost. More.

  • The Obama administration announced a new tax policy today for cabinet appointees. Under the new policy, income taxes will be waved permanently and retroactively for all cabinet members and candidates. After numerous candidate confirmations were derailed by disclosures of unpaid taxes, the administration has resolved the issue with the new policy eliminating all income taxes for the life of any cabinet appointee. According to an unnamed source, Robert Gibbs, "The complexity of the tax code makes it impossible for appointees to comprehend or comply." President Obama responded to questions saying, "They'd do the same for me." Details.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced today that they are executing a plan to permanently eliminate all pain and suffering of animals by permanently eliminating all animals. They claim that under this plan, once executed, animals will never suffer again. Upon successful completion of the plan, the organization will be renamed People for the Ethical Treatment of Former Animals (PETFA) and will refocus efforts on eliminating pain and suffering in humans. Reaction by other animal rights groups is mixed.

  • In an unprecedented joint marketing plan, rival tire companies Bridgestone Firestone and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company are bulk-mailing coupons for a 39.7% discount when purchasing and installing two tires from each company on the same automobile. Both companies expect consumers to prefer their tires in this side by side comparison. More.

  • The Unites States Department of Treasury is teaming up with Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft in a joint effort to print US currency. Under the arrangement, individuals can purchase dollars and print their own money. The new HP printer model BSH-1000 (Buck Starts Here) will print US currency with quality that is said to equal that of US dollars printed by other countries. US Treasury officials note that they have been unable to maintain a supply of dollars sufficient to keep pace with government spending. The new joint effort is an innovative way to resolve the shortfall by dramatically increasing the printing of money. Security and quality control will be provided by Microsoft.

If you want Randall Munson to deliver one of his powerful, award-winning presentations at your event, contact him now.

3. Laugh at Work Week

For one week each year the world celebrates Laugh at Work Week - a week dedicated to having fun at work and recognizing the business value of humor and laughter.

Appropriately, the week begins on April 1. That's right, April Fools Day, the day in which pranks, stunts, practical jokes, and spoofs abound.

Laughter and humor are an important part of the workplace. Benefits of laughing at work include improved productivity, creativity, teamwork, communication, stress relief, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Laugh at Work Week was founded by Randall Munson and is celebrated around the world annually April 1 through April 7.

Before the week is over be sure to laugh at work!

Want to have a quick laugh? Watch my preview video. Just use this link to sample the fun experienced by my audiences around the world. To enjoy a full dose of and business-boosting insights, contact me to arrange for a presentation of Success Through INNOVATION and CREATIVITY, Serious Business of HUMOR or my newest program that will help you deal with the current economic crisis and Turn ECONOMIC CHANGE Into DOLLARS for your organization.

4. The Winner

Following Randall's program, The Magic of Selling Technology, at the Net Manage Global Sales Meeting, a drawing was held for an autographed copy of Sales Coach II by best selling author, Randall Munson. After the sales meeting, Zvi Alon, Chairman, President and CEO, wrote about Randall’s program, "If you are looking for an international sales expert that will motivate your sales force and show them how to significantly increase your sales, you are looking for Randall Munson."

Autographed copies of Randall's book
Sales Coach II
was won by Anil Thomas, Singapore

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5. Parting Thoughts.

The focus of this issue of Business Magic® is humor. It is a topic worthy of your attention. It is so important that I created a keynote presentation The Serious Business of HUMOR! to help organizations in all cultures understand the business value of humor. When asked if humor is really necessary in a business, my reply is simply this: Only if you want to stay in business.

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Most of Randall Munson's appearances are private events for companies and organizations. Occasionally, there are public venues, open to everyone. Some of them are listed below.

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Reno, NV, USA
April 26-30, 2009

COMMON, the World's Largest Computer Users Group will present Randall with 3 Gold Medals for his top-rated sessions at the previous international conference. Randall's "Success Through CREATIVITY and INNOVATION" was the highest rated session of the entire conference.

Randall has earned 80 GOLD MEDALS for his top rated presentations at previous conferences - more than all other speakers combined.

Randall will present six sessions at COMMON.

La Crosse, WI, USA
June 7-13, 2009
Clown Camp

Clown Camp is the largest clown training program in the world.

Randall is presenting numerous educational programs about subjects such as magic, ventriloquism and prop construction.

Marion, IN, USA
July 13-17, 2009
Fellowship of Christian Magicians
International Convention

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians is an international organization of people dedicated to using a high standard of presentation of the Gospel.

will be the "President's Choice keynote speaker, MC for the grand evening show, and will be presenting numerous educational programs.

Denver, CO, USA
August 23-28, 2009

SHARE, the world's first organization of computing professionals, presented Randall Munson with the first Distinguished Speaker award at their previous international conference because of the consistently exceptional quality of his presentations.

Randall is presenting four sessions at SHARE.

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