Randall Munson Presents
Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking!
Experience the magic of overcoming your fears!

Do you find yourself speechless in front of an audience? Does your heart race, your mouth parch, and your perspiration gush? Do your hands shake, your palms sweat, and your knees knock? You are not alone.

Your fear and nervousness is a natural phenomenon - and one that you can overcome.

Former corporate executive, best selling author, educator, and entertainer Randall Munson will share with you what he as learned from his experience while speaking in more than 30 countries across 6 continents.

Randall Munson, a Certified Speaking Professional, will demonstrate specific, practical techniques that you can use to remove the fear of speaking from your Top Ten List of fears.

Learn to speak with confidence!


  • To understand your fears

  • The cause of your fears

  • How others perceive you as you speak

  • How to use your fears to your advantage

  • Techniques to deal with your fears

  • How to prepare for speaking on any occasion

  • Actions to take before you start to speak

  • Actions to take before you start to speak

  • Tips of the trade gleaned from the experience of professionals

  • To speak with confidence

"I've tried Randall's ideas in my own presentations and they really work!"
      Michael Giglio, Shelter Insurance Companies, Columbia, MO

"Excellent. Very practical. Bring Randall back."
      Marty Leonka, IRS, Lanham, MD

"Entertaining, informative, and excellent. I now understand that the audience wants you to succeed."
      Derek Boessler, Texas Instruments, Plano, TX

"Randall’s excellent presentation demonstrates the keys to public speaking."
      Larry Anastas, Social Security Administration, Apex, NC

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