April 28,2006

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4. Clown in a Box
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1. Featured Photo  



"The greatest inheritance you can give your children is a sense of humor."
Randall Munson

Quotations from Randall Munson’s forthcoming book
Humor 101

"I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific."
Lily Tomlin


Quotations from
Randall's audience members:

Guido van Voorst
Transcontinenta B.V.
The Netherlands

"Inspirational. Excellent. Randall has an ability to make you feel good about yourself."
Kurt Zirbel
Mason City, IA, USA

"Refreshing, invigorating and fun."
Diane Mitchell
Rochester, MN, USA

"He showed us not only have fun but make the impossible possible."
Gulru Ozmen
Begdili Elektronik Cihezlar Ltd.
Sti., Turkey

Placerville, California
Now there's a memorable name!
Thanks to Brad Bauer for hiring Smelly Mel's Septic Service and taking this photo

Each issue of Business Magic!™ features a photo from my personal "Humor File" containing funny things I have collected from around the world. I recommend you create your own Humor File; put into it whatever you find that is funny to you; and, when you are stressed, open up your file and look through it. It works like magic to help reduce stress - and it's cheaper than therapy! 

Try some more FUN STUFF and enjoy the laughs! 


2. Top 10 Reasons to Laugh at Work 

I founded Laugh at Work Week (April 1-7) to encourage individuals and organizations to take advantage of the power of laugher. To help skeptics understand the business value of laugher, I created the Top 10 Reasons to Laugh at Work.

1. Laughter Builds Teamwork
We are drawn to those who smile, laugh, and enjoy their work but we shun perpetually serious, sober duds who never laugh or smile. You can more easily build an effective team with the people others want to be with.

2. A Punch Line Improves the Bottom Line
Southwest Airlines, Outback Steakhouse, and Tastefully Simple have two things in common. "Having fun" is in their basic beliefs and they are exceptionally successful in their own industry. They are successful. They laugh at work.

3. Humor Improves Communications
In an atmosphere of fun, where people are comfortable laughing at themselves, information flows freely. When people are on pins and needles, where any flub is considered serious, people hold back and prefer silence to the risk of making an error in what they say.

4. Fun Improves Performance
Studies show that employees who feel their work is fun perform better and get along better with coworkers than those who are simply satisfied with their jobs. Laughter is more important than overall job satisfaction.

5. Laughter Keeps You Awake
Never in recorded history has anyone fallen asleep while laughing. Laughter refreshes you, energizes you, and keeps you from falling asleep - no matter how dull your job may be.

6. Laughter Improves Health
Dozens of medical studies show laughter enhances respiration, increases number of disease-fighting immune cells, fends off viruses and bacteria, helps fight chronic diseases, contributes to good health, and releases endorphins which are 2,000 times more potent than morphine. You can't take it - but you can make it.

7. Laughter Reduces Absenteeism
Health benefits of laughter mean fewer sick days. When people enjoy their jobs they want to come to work. They don't want to miss a good laugh.

8. Laughter Reduces Stress
Relaxation and information help reduce stress but humor is much more effective. Overwhelmed by stress? Laugh it off.

9. Humor Helps Solve Problems
When you see something funny about a problem, it indicates that you see it from a new perspective. Humor results in more objectivity. When you see the funny side, you can start to see a new solution.

10. Laughter Eliminates Monotony
When laughter erupts it is always because of something unexpected - the punch line, the surprise event, the unanticipated reply. Monotony and laughter are mutually exclusive.


11. Humor is Human

Laughter is an exclusively human trait. It separates humans from animals - and machines. You don't feel like a robotic cog in the corporate machine when you laugh because laughter is a raw expression of pure humanness.

12. Humor Reduces Turnover
Only 15% of people are fired because they don't have the skills to do the job. But 85% lose their jobs because they lack people skills and the ability to relate to others. Humor is an integral part of relating to other people. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

13. It's Fun
When others make your life miserable and you laugh, it just drives them crazy. What could be better than that?

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The Winner

Following Randall's keynote, Success Through CREATIVITY and INNOVATION at the Bauer Built Inc. SALES AND MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, a drawing was held for an autographed copy of a book by best selling author, Randall Munson.


An autographed copy of
Break-Out Creativity
was won by Steve Lahodny of
St. Paul, Minnesota

If you want Randall Munson to deliver one of his powerful, award-winning presentations at your event, contact him now!

4. Clown in a Box

Wonderful clowns gathered from all over the world at the Clowns of America International Convention in New Orleans. Imagine an entire hotel filled with clowns. While that image may frighten some of you, I assure you these are some of the kindest, most giving people you will ever encounter.

I taught classes in "Prize Winning Parade Acts," "Super Prop Construction," and "Ventriloquism for Everyone." The next day, as CIRCLES THE CLOWN I joined many other great clowns entertaining in a public parade down the streets of the city. I also entered the competition for PARADABILITY. That is clown terminology for the formal judging of clowns to determine who are the best and funniest parade clowns.

When the judges' scores were tallied, I was pleased to be told that my parade act earned the highest score in the entire competition!

Although still photos don't do justice to the impact of the live performance, these pictures should give you some idea what my surprising "Jack in the Box" act is like.

By the way, this is a single act - meaning that there is only one person performing. Can you figure out the magic that I use to carry the box that I also pop out of?


Randall Munson performing in a parade as CIRCLES the clown.

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5. Laugh at Work with Voice Messages

You know how frustrating it is when you call someone and just get voice mail? With a hilarious idea - and a perfect example of celebrating Laugh at Work Week - Mike Gladish, IT Director of AAA Ohio Region replaced frustration with laughter.

On April Fool's Day he replaced his outgoing Phonemail message with a message that mimicked the way he usually answers the phone - but with a twist of humor. It went something like this:

"Mike Gladish, Telecommunications Department, how may I help you?"

Then he paused for a moment to let the caller start to say a few things before his recording continued...
"Excuse me, but I can't hear you well, can you speak louder?"

After a pause...
"It sounds as if your handset cord has a short. Try jiggling the cord a little to see it that helps."

Another pause and then...
"That didn't do it. I guess you'll just have to speak really loud."

After a final pause he interrupted...
"Excuse me again … I know why I can't hear you. Its April Fool's day and you are speaking to my voicemail box. Go ahead and leave your message after the tone ... and, by the way, have a nice day!"

The messages he received were hilarious ranging from laugher, to "you really got me," to huge strings of profanity. His colleagues joined in the fun by prompting others to encounter the message by saying things like "Hey I saw Gladish in the hall and he said that you should call him." They then followed the person into their office to watch them make the call and tried to keep a straight face as the person yelled, jiggled and eventually realized they'd been had. Even the president fell for it! Fortunately, he laughed and Mike kept his job.

An inside joke, like this became, helps to build teamwork. Those "in on" the joke have the camaraderie of a shared conspiracy. In this case the inside group expanded to include the whole organization that became a big team laughing and working together.

6. Parting Thoughts

The focus of this issue of Business Magic!™ is humor. It is a topic worthy of your attention. It is so important that I created a keynote presentation "The Serious Business of HUMOR!" to help organizations in all cultures understand the business value of humor. When asked if humor is really necessary in a business, my reply is simply this: Only if you want to stay in business.

See Randall

Most of Randall Munson's appearances are private events for companies and organizations. Occasionally, there are public venues, open to everyone. Some of them are listed below.

If you would like us to tell you when Randall is speaking in your area, please
contact Randall now and ask us to let you know.

Plymouth, MN, USA
February 21, 2006

MSAE is a society of association executives serving associations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. MSAE will be featuring Randall Munson’s presentation "Success Through CREATIVITY and INNOVATION!" at their Speed Learning: A Speakers Showcase Event.

Rochester, MN, USA
March 18, 2006
Crossroads College

Crossroads College is sponsoring a half-day “Creative Ministry Seminar” by Randall Munson. As much as we want to come up with fresh, new ideas in ministry, we struggle to break out of our conventional thinking.
Randall Munson's Creative Ministry Seminar will change all that.

New Orleans, LA, USA
March 28-April 2, 2006
Clowns of America International Convention

Clowns of America International, an international organization dedicated to the Art of Clowning and to bringing joy and happiness to everyone.
Randall is teaching three classes at the Clowns of America International Convention.

Dallas, TX, USA
April 23-26, 2006
JUST-US 2006 Annual Conference

Randall is presenting the keynote address "The Serious Business of HUMOR" at JUST-US 2006 Annual Conference. JUST-US is an association of Siemens Enterprise Networks users.

La Crosse, WI, USA
June 4-9, 2006
Clown Camp

Clown Camp is the largest clown training program in the world. Now beginning its 26th year, it is also the oldest clown-training program in existence today. 
Randall is presenting numerous educational programs about subjects such as magic, ventriloquism, prop construction.

Baltimore, MD, USA
August 13-18, 2006

SHARE, the world's first organization of computing professionals, presented Randall Munson with the Best Session Award for his top rated presentation "Success Through CREATIVITY and INNOVATION!" at their previous international conference. At two consecutive SHARE conferencees Randall earned the Best Session Award.
Randall is presenting four sessions at SHARE.

Miami Beach, FL, USA
September 17-21, 2006

Randall is presenting six sessions at COMMON, the World's Largest Computer Users Group. Randall has earned more than 65 GOLD MEDALS for his top rated presentations at previous conferences.


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